Wrestle that Shark Episode #005 — Quantum Consciousness

In this episode we talk about a seriously weird subject — Quantum Consciousness.

Here’s the Wikipedia article we mentioned in this episode: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_consciousness

The song at the end is “Never See” by Kasino.

4 Responses to “Wrestle that Shark Episode #005 — Quantum Consciousness”

  1. Into the Mind of a Povert » Blog Archive » WTS #5 Says:

    […] We’ve got a new Wrestle that Shark up. It’s Episode 5. We talk about Quantum Consciousness. Weird stuff. […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If you are planning on doing another episode on Penrose it would be nice to hear more about the practical applications of ORCH, namely, that it pretty much excludes the possibility of AI. It might be helpful also to compare and contrast the theory with other consciousness models (different strains of functionalism, holism etc.)

  3. Brent Marykuca Says:

    I read a lot about Quantum physics when I was in school, sort of as a hobby (I’m a CS guy). I loved the non-intuitiveness of the subject: great for keeping one humble. However, this whole Quantum consciousness stuff sounds a little new-agey to me — although I suspect that it was you guys mangling the subject more than any inherent weakness in the theory (Penrose is no slouch, after all).

  4. Jason Says:

    I would definitely like to come back to this issue in the future. I think what we might try to do is a show on AI in particular as well as shows that focus on different conceptions of consciousness. I am actually reading “The Emperor’s New Mind” by Penrose right now and already there are plenty of things I wish we had discussed. Thanks for the input and thanks for listening.

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