The Wrestle that Shark podcast is about philosophy. We drink beer and talk about various philosophical subjects. When we’re done with the beer, the conversation is over. Then we toss a song on at the end that you might find good or funny.

More than that, though, we want to try to provide a podcast with rational, sane discussions, even when there’s disagreement. It would also be nice if we could turn some people on to philosophy — philosophy is too often considered by people to be stuffy, pointy-headed, and irrelevant. We disagree.

Keep in mind that we’re just regular folk, for the most part. We’re not professors, and we’re not experts in any field. We’ve studied philosophy in college, but a BA in philosophy amounts to little when it comes to debating ideas.

You may not agree with ideas and arguments we have, and we encourage anyone listening to present counter-arguments and feedback. You can post comments here on our weblog. Better yet, you can send us audio comments or email. Listen to a recent episode for contact information.

Joe Lillibridge is in Eagan, MN. He records and edits the stuff. Vanessa High is in Duluth, MN, where she’s working on her undergraduate in Philosophy. Jason Wyatt is in Las Cruces, NM, where he’s going for a second bachelor’s in Psychology (first was Philosophy) before enrolling in grad school for the same.

The shark logo was designed by Shawn Turek. The theme song was written by Alex Kretchmer, Bryann Schlough and Joe Lillibridge, with vocals by Alex and Bryann.